Copper Country Autism Awareness "Bringing awareness to the issues facing those living with autism spectrum disorders"
Copper Country Autism Awareness"Bringing awareness to the issues facing those living with autism spectrum disorders"

About Us

Initially four grandparents of a child with autism came together and decided that they wanted to do something to help families living with autism.  In the past three months we have grown from four grandparents into an established organization with a permanent endowment with the Keweenaw Community Foundation.


We now have a thirteen member Board of Directors consisting of parents, grandparents and professionals from the Copper Country Intermediate Schools, Baraga Houghton Keweenaw Child Development Board, Certified Specially Trained Teachers and Therapists, all with one goal, to help families in our three county area living with autism.


The purpose of this organization has been defined as providing assistance to parents and families of those living with autism.  This assistance will take many forms, 1)provide resource information as well as general awareness, 2)sponsor autism friendly events both for children living with autism and their parents and families, 3)to provide some type of respite for parents such as, but not limited to child care services, and 4)to be an advocate for the needs of these families.


We operate through an endowment with the Keweenaw Community Foundation and donationscan be sentdirectly to the Keweenaw Community Foundation in Hancock, attention Autism Awareness.  We currently have secured financial support from throughout the Copper Country. (Click on our Financial Support tab for more information.) 





Mike Gilles, Grandparent, Co-Founder.

Jack Dugdale, Grandparent, Co-Founder

Kathe Lanctot, Grandparent, Co-Founder

Marion Gilles, Grandparent, Co-Founder

Sara Hampton, Early Childhood Special Education Provider, CCISD

Sue Antila, Grandparent

Chrissy Holkala, Parent

Shannon Skotarczyk, Parent

David Skotarczyk, Parent


Copper Country Elks Lodge #404 Family Fun Day Advisory Board

Pam Sladek

Jeannie LaBonte

Debbie Slayton





You can support us through the Keweenaw Community Foundation. Click on our FINANCIAL SUPPORT tab and scroll to the bottom of the page for directions.


The Keweenaw Community Foundation administers a number of community funds.  Established in 1994, the mission of the Foundation is to promote philanthropy, develop and manage permanent endowments from a broad range of donors, and award charitable grants that enhance quality of life in the Keweenaw.

Family Support Subsidy offered through the Michigan Department of Community Health

Click on the AUTISM INFORMATION tab above for more information. 


Have a plan if your child wanders off!



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