The Copper Country Autism Awareness Foundation was founded by four grandparents of a child with autism who decided to do something to help families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Since then the foundation has grown to include many members who volunteer their time and are devoted to promoting awareness of the issues and challenges faced by those affected by ASD and who seek to provide support to all who are living with these disorders, their families, as well as the educators, medical professionals and volunteers who provide assistance to those in the Copper Country who are affected.


If you are interested in learning how you can join the Copper Country Autism Awareness Foundation, are interested in volunteering your time or donating to the foundation, please contact us today. Your support and contributions will have a positive impact on all of those who are touched by ASD and will make a difference in many lives here in the Copper Country.

We invite families affected by autism to join us for a fun time at the Mine Shaft in Houghton. Learn more on our Events page.

The Relentless Tour with Anthony Ianni is a first of its kind grass roots initiative designed to help eradicate bullying across the state of Michigan and beyond. Bullying is something that affects everyone in one form or another, though individuals with autism are one of the highest targeted groups.


Come join us on September 28th from 6PM to 7PM at the CCISD in Hancock to hear Anthony's story and learn how bullying can be stopped in our community.


Learn more about Anthony Ianni here:


The Copper Country Autism Awareness Foundation would like to gratefully acknowledge the contributions of those whose generous support makes it possible for us to make a difference in the lives of those affected by ASD.

The Copper Country Autism Awareness Foundation was proud to have been able to help support our local school districts by awarding grants of $400 each to the Dollar Bay-Tamarack City Schools, Lake Linden-Hubbell Schools and Adams Township School to allow them to purchase items for their efforts to support children with autism spectrum disorders in their special education classrooms.


We will once again be offering grants to all our local schools again in the fall of 2015. If you would like to contribute to our efforts to aid our local schools please contact us!

There are many programs that offer support for those affected by ASD.



Michigan has a program to provide financial assistance to families of children with severe disabilities.



A benefit to provide intensive Applied Behavior Analysis interventions for anyone ages 0 - 21 years with the diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Children must have either Medicaid or MI Child.


Contact Angela Klein with Copper Country Mental Health at 482-9400 for more information about these programs.

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